Frequently Asked Questions

What is conveyancing

Conveyancing is the term used to describe the legal process involved in the transfer of property or other changes to the ownership or mortgages over property.

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How do Conveyancing Quote work?

When you contact us by either telephone or through our contact form we shall confirm your details with you and the quote provided. We are happy to deal with any questions you may have at this stage. We shall then provide the name of the solicitor or conveyancer who will be dealing with your work and ensure that a welcome pack is sent out to you by e-mail or post within 24 hours (excluding public holidays). The welcome pack will contain the necessary forms and documents to enable you to commence your transaction.

How do Conveyancing Quote get paid?

Our service is free to the consumer. If you use one of our appointed panel solicitors or conveyancers they will pay us a panel fee if your matter proceeds to completion.

How are Conveyancing Quote able to offer such competitive conveyancing fees?

Due to our buying power from a growing consumer base we have negotiated much better conveyancing prices with our specialist panel of solicitors, conveyancers and search providers than are normally available directly to the public.

Who will carry out my conveyancing?

Your conveyancing will be carried out by one of our specialist solicitors' or conveyancing firms in England and Wales. As there is no need for personal meetings, it is not necessary that the law firm should be near to where you live or work.

How long does conveyancing take?

This is the most common question we are asked. The answer revolves around a number of issues. Much depends upon which parties have existing or new mortgages to obtain, how long the conveyancing chain is and how quickly either party provides information. Our solicitors and conveyancers are only able to move as quickly as the other parties respond. As a guideline, we would suggest to expect a period of eight to ten weeks for sales and purchase conveyancing and between three to five weeks for straight forward re-mortgage and transfer of equity transactions.

Will there be any extra costs involved in addition to what is quoted?

We pride ourselves on our no hidden fees policy, however, it is not always possible to quote all costs in advance. Conveyancing transactions can be complex, for example a legal title may be defective, and our quotes only cover straight forward transactions. You will be notified in advance if your transaction is for whatever reason not straight forward and whether any extra charges will apply.

Usually extra charges apply when:

  • Properties that are located in current or old mining areas require mining and other searches.
  • Leasehold properties may incur extra charges levied by the managing agents for providing information.
  • Properties located in flood areas or on previously contaminated land may require water and/or other environmental searches.
  • On transfers of equity and shared-ownership purchases, stamp duty may apply. The solicitor will confirm this to you if applicable
  • For any additional bank transfers.
  • Where the property you are purchasing is a new build, shared ownership or a plot of land.
  • Your mortage lender (if any) may insist or you may request searches covering drainage, planning and environmental matters.  The combined extra cost for additional searches will be in the region of £100 inclusive.
  • Any charges as a result of acting for any mortgage lender, dealing with a Help to Buy ISA/Equity Loan or for dealing with HMRC in connection with stamp duty returns.
  • Commercial, semi-commercial, limited company or auction purchase

What if my conveyancing transaction does not proceed to legal completion?

All of our panel solicitors and conveyancers operate a no move no fee policy. This means that should your conveyancing transaction not proceed to legal completion you will not be charged for their legal fees - unless they have reported on title and/or requested mortgage funds from your lender. Your only liability will be for any expenses incurred or payable to third parties.

What if I have an issue of service with my appointed solicitor?

We are confident that your appointed solicitor or conveyancer will act in a professional and efficient manner. If at any time, you have any issues with your appointed solicitor or conveyancer we are happy to assist to resolve them or, as a last resort, appoint another panel solicitor.

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